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10 Best Swiss Ball Exercises (Moderate)

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Using a Swiss ball (aka therapy ball or stability ball), is great for core work & balance. Once you master some basic Swiss ball exercises, these are a little harder.

Sometimes even sitting on the Swiss ball can be challenging for some people, so make sure you are in a safe environment and have someone with you to hold the ball the first few times you try it.

The first ones are: bridging on the ball, bridging with ball roll, and prayer plank. These are great for your core, glutes, and hamstrings.

The next ones are: ball push ups, ball roll outs, and side planks on the ball. These are tougher than they look, so be careful not to roll off the ball.

Finally you have: single leg bridges on the ball, single leg bridge ball roll, table top bridging, and table top hip flexion. Make sure you have mastered the other ones before trying these.

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10 Best Balance Exercises (Advanced)

Buy Advanced Balance WorksheetOnce you've mastered basic balance exercises, you may be ready for advanced balance exercises. They are tougher, so have something to hold on to when you start.

The first exercises are with your eyes closed: Romberg stance with your eyes closed and head turns side to side, Romberg stance with your eyes closed and head movements up and down, tandem stance with your eyes closed, and Tandem stance with your eyes closed and head movements up and down. These are not only great for balance, but they are also great exercises for ankle, knee, and hip strengthening.

Next are: walking on your heels and walking on your toes. Again these are great for balance, and they are also great for ankle, knee, and hip strengthening.

Finally, you have: single leg stance, single leg stance with a twist, golfer’s lift, and golfer’s lift with a weight. These are also great for balance and strengthening.

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7 Easy Knee Pain Relief Treatments

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Knee pain can literally stop you in your tracks. These knee pain treatments may help. Many muscles in the leg cross at the knee joint, so you want to treat the whole area to get maximum knee pain relief.

To start off, you can help mobilize your knee joint and get some traction or distraction by using an ankle weight, and let your foot hang down without touching the floor. Gently swing it back and forth, and side to side to loosen up the joint area.

Then you can begin stretching the muscles around the knee with a calf stretch and a hamstring stretch with a strap. Both of these muscles (tendons) cross the knee joint, so when they are tight, it can cause pain.

People often ask when should they use ice and when should they use heat for an injury. In general, using heat before you stretch and exercise helps loosen up the area to help you get better flexibility, and then ice afterwards to calm back down any inflammation in the area. The folks at Cureve Natural Therapies have a great large hot and cold therapy gel pack wrap you can use before and after you workout.

Next is a quad stretch with a strap. The quad tendon is attached to the patella (kneecap), so if it’s tight, it can put a lot of pressure on the knee joint.

Finally some gentle exercises will help get the muscles working properly again. A quad set and standing heel (calf) raises do a great job of strengthening the muscles.

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