Tips For Better Computer Posture

Here are some great tips to get you in good posture when you are working on your computer. Many times people will get neck, back, or leg pain when on the computer for awhile. Getting in the proper position will help you feel better.

Bad posture while working on the computer all day long can cause all sorts of pain and problems. Even though it might feel weird and uncomfortable at first, there are some easy changes you can make to get you in the correct posture. You can do a forward head posture test. This is done by placing your finger on your chin while you are sitting upright. Without moving your finger, tuck your chin in for 5 seconds, and then relax. If there is more than 1-inch space between your chin now and your finger, you are not using good posture in everyday life. You can do chin tucks periodically through out the day while on the computer. 

Next, you can take a beach ball or roll up a towel, and place it in the arch of your back to give it support. Many times people also say they feel like their feet or legs are going numb. This is often the result of your chair being too high or too low. You want your knees and hips to be at a 90-degree angle. If the chair is too high, you can place some books underneath your feet.

Finally, you also want your arms to be in a relaxed neutral position. You can put your keyboard or laptop on books as well until it is in a comfortable position where your shoulders are not hunched up or stretched too far out.


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