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7 Ways to Reduce Leg Swelling & Fatigue

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Leg swelling and fatigue can happen in your legs for many reasons. These easy treatments may help reduce swelling or even prevent it. They may also help prevent leg fatigue.

Starting off on the floor or your bed, ankle pumps, calf stretches, and hamstring stretches help increase the circulation to your legs to help with blood flow.

Another great way to help reduce swelling and fatigue is to use compression stockings, like Jomi compression. They also have a great tool called Measure Up on their site that helps you get the perfect fit without leaving your home.

For some seated and standing exercises, you can do seated leg extensions or long arc quads (LAQ), seated hip flexion, and standing heel/toe raises.

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Lower Back Heating Wrap by Sunny Bay Review

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Heat therapy can be a great way to soothe things like tired and achey muscles, arthritis pain, stiff joints, etc. The microwavable lower back heating wrap by the folks at Sunny Bay is a great way to get cord-free heat therapy any time you need it. 

The lower back heating wrap has a large surface area to cover large areas of the body, and works well on the back and other areas of the body like the shoulders, legs, neck, just about anywhere.

The heat wrap can also be used as a cold pack by just popping it in the freezer.

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Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain with Whole Body Exercises

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the foot, but sometimes the cause of the irritation is not from your foot. It can actually come from an issue in your back, hips, or knees.

These back, hip or knee issues can cause your arch to drop and put strain on the fascia. This video will help address all of those areas.

The first stretch/exercise is a combination movement with a Runner’s stretch and adding an opposite leg swing to work the foot muscles as well.

Often a weak gluteus medius can also cause problems at your feet. Hip hikes standing on the floor or on a step and clamshells do a great job of strengthening the area. Make sure you exercises both sides.

Next is a thoracic back stretch. If you have some rotation or tightness in your back, it can also put pressure through your foot.

Finally, there is open the book. This is a great upper back, lower back, and hips stretch.

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iReliev Wireless TENS/EMS Therapeutic Wearable System Review

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The iReliev Wireless TENS/EMS therapeutic wearable system was sent to me by iReliev. This wireless TENS/EMS unit is easy to use and can help provide pain relief & muscle retraining in one wireless package.

If you're familiar with my channel, then you know I love TENS / EMS units for pain relief and muscle retraining ... I even wrote a book about them :-) This wireless device by iReliev is no exception. The wireless technology in the iReliev device is really good, and the pods sync to the control unit in seconds.

The iReliev unit has both TENS and EMS functionality with 8 TENS settings and 6 EMS settings for a total of 14 different modes.

I also really like the instruction manual that comes with the iReliev wireless unit. It's very detailed, easy to understand, and talks about each of the 14 modes and what they are designed to do.

The iReliev unit also comes with a nice and compact carrying case making it easy to take the device with you without having to worry about losing anything.


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