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Hip Pain Relief with Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is a great way to help relieve hip pain by incorporating physical therapy and yoga. It focuses on gentle yoga or modification poses with breathing techniques. Trudy, a fellow PT and registered yoga teacher from HEAL Wellness and Therapy, stopped by to guide me through some stretches and exercises for the hip.

The first pose is to help mobilize the hip joint. This is not only a great stretch, but it also helps free up the hip joint when it is tight and painful.

Next is a psoas (hip flexor) stretch with glute muscle activation. This helps the muscles work together for a more mobile and stable hip joint.

Finally, we will stretch the hip capsule. This is another great way to get the hip joint moving and loosened up.

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10 Best Stiff Knee Pain Relief Exercises

Buy stiff knee exercises worksheetExercising a stiff knee can help loosen up the joint and the muscles around the joint. These exercises should help relieve a stiff knee.

Starting off with isometric exercises is a great way to activate the muscles, but not make big movements that might be difficult or painful to do.

Once they start to loosen up, bridges seated hip flexion, and seated knee extension (LAQ) will start to progress the movements going through the full range.

Finally, standing exercises will make it a little more challenging, and they will help get rid of the stiffness. Standing hamstring curls, standing hip flexion/extension, standing hip abduction/adduction, and squats with a chair will help get the knee moving.

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Stretches & Exercises for Working From Home & Online School Pain Relief

Buy the Work From Home WorksheetSitting in front of a computer all day for school or work can tighten & weaken muscles in the neck, shoulders, chest, hips, knees, and feet. These sitting stretches & exercises may help.

Starting in the neck area, chin tucks, upper trap stretch, and levator scapulae stretch are some of my favorite stretches and exercises for the neck and shoulders.

Next is a chest stretch for the pec muscles which can tighten and cause pain when we are hunched over all day.

Next, for the hips, knees, and feet are seated hip flexion, seated knee extension or LAQs, and seated heel and toe raises. These are great to keep the blood flowing in the lower legs.

Finally is a deep breathing exercise with arm movements. This is great to get your whole body moving and awake again.

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Balance Exercises - Moderate Whole Body Wellness Challenge

Buy the Moderate Balance WorksheetThese general balance exercises are simple, but effective in helping to regain balance and stability throughout the body. This balance routine is performed in real-time so it's easy to follow along. This balance routine is Day 10 in my Moderate 10-Day Whole Body Wellness Challenge.

Click here to learn more about the Moderate 10-Day Whole Body Wellness Challenge and to download a FREE calendar so you can follow along!

For this balance routine you will need a chair or be by your countertop to hold onto for balance if needed. Also give yourself a little bit of room to move around.

For the warm up, let’s start with marching, trunk rotation, hamstring curls, and heel raises to get the muscles moving.

Starting with some static balance exercises, Romberg with head turns side to side, Romberg with head up and down, tandem stance, and single leg balance will help with your ankle, knee, and hip strength and stability.

Now putting some movement into the balance with single leg stance with a twist, single leg balance and reach, hopping side to side, and single leg heel raises will challenge the stabilizer muscles even more.

Finally, marching in place, standing hip flexion/extension with speed, and walking on your toes will give those muscles an extra burn!

Congratulations on finishing Day 10 of the Moderate Whole Body Wellness Challenge. You did it!

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