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Sit to Stand with a Walker

It may look easy, but standing and sitting with a walker can cause a fall or injury if you don’t do it correctly. This video will show you how to safely sit to stand and then stand to sit with a walker.

The goal with the sit to stand with a walker is to not grab the walker and pull it towards you when trying to stand up. Scoot to the edge of your chair. Slide your strong leg slightly back. Put one hand on the seat of the chair or an armrest, and the other on the walker. Lean forward to shift your weight standing up. Then repeat this in reverse to sit down with the walker.

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Easy Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a ringing in your ears. For some people, this simple technique will stop tinnitus immediately giving you instant relief. Tinnitus can also be another noise like buzzing, roaring, hissing, etc.

Tinnitus is usually not a serious condition, and is most often caused by long term exposure to loud noises and aging. However, sometimes it can be something more serious like an ear infection or even a tumor.

This technique is quick and easy to do, and it may help relieve your tinnitus immediately. It might not work for everyone, but if you have a mild case of tinnitus, it is definitely worth trying.

After removing any earrings or other devices from and around your ear, grab firmly onto your earlobe. Pull up and away quickly, but not forcefully. Repeat this 5 times. Often the ringing in your ears will stop immediately.

How to Use a Muscle Roller Stick for Sore Muscles

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A muscle roller stick like the one from Doeplex can be a great way to help relieve muscle knots and sore muscles almost anywhere on your body. 

The Doeplex muscle roller stick is very sturdy, and its independently spinning rollers are great for getting deep down into the muscles to provide targeted pain relief.

Roller sticks are very useful when rolling out muscles because you can use them almost anywhere, and you can control the pressure on the muscles. They can be used on larger muscle groups like the quads, calves, and lower back. You can also use them on smaller muscle groups like the anterior tibilias, wrist extensor and flexor muscles, as well as neck muscles.

Muscle roller sticks are also great for trigger points. Trigger points are basically knots in the muscles that are very tender to press on. They can also have referred pain to other areas of the body. Using a roller stick to relieve trigger points and sore muscles can be a great way to get pain relief.

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Costochondritis Treatment

Costochondritis is the inflammation of the cartilage where the ribs meet the breastbone or where the cartilage attaches to the ribs. These stretches & exercises may help relieve the pain.

Costochondritis can be on one or both sides, but it is often on the left side and can mimic the pain of a heart attack. These treatments may help relieve the pain from costochondritis, but since the symptoms can mimic a heart attack, always seek immediate medical attention for the sudden onset of this type of pain.

Deep breathing exercises often help with opening up the ribcage which can gently stretch the area and help reduce the inflammation. You can do the breathing alone or you can add your arms to get an extra stretch.

Lying down and doing a trunk rotation with your arms stretched out can also get a great stretch in the whole ribcage to relieve costochondritis pain. You might feel it more on the outside, but it will stretch the whole area.

Sometimes thoracic back weakness is a cause because your shoulder will roll forward causing pressure and irritation to the joints. So strengthening the upper back with Ts and Ys will help as well.

Pec or chest stretches are also a great way to open up the chest area. You can stretch on a foam roller, towel, or rolled up yoga mat lying down. You can also use a corner or doorway, or even a stick or cane to get the stretch.

Scapular or shoulder squeezes and rows with a resistive band will also help strengthen the upper back area to help relieve pressure from the chest area.

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