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Neurodyn II Neuromuscular Stimulator Review


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Electrical stimulation (ES) with a professional neuromuscular stimulator like the Neurodyn II can be a great way to help decrease pain, re-educate muscles, prevent atrophy after a surgery, increase blood flow/circulation & increase range of motion.

The folks at Shophysio sent me their Neurodyn II by Ibramed. This unit is a great professional unit because it comes with Russian current, functional electrical stimulation (FES), and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). It has 4 independent color coded channels so you can use it on more than one patient at a time.

FES is a form of ES that helps with functional activity. The current should just be high enough to make the movement so it will help with the function of the muscle.

TENS is for pain relief for acute and chronic pain. It has conventional (normal) and burst modulation.

Russian current is used for muscle retraining and helping prevent muscle atrophy after an injury or surgery. You want to get a maximum contraction with this current.

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7 Best Knee Pain Exercises (Advanced)

These knee exercises are more advanced (they even got me a little winded!), and they should help strengthen your knees and decrease knee pain. If they are too difficult, check out my knee pain moderate exercise video.

Single leg bridges are a great way to work the muscles all around your knee to help relieve knee pain. If you are not quite ready for it you can use both legs.

Squats and squats with a ball squeeze work the muscles around the knee together to keep them balanced. Make sure you are using correct form.

Using a band for sidestepping and a 4 way hip not only work your hip muscles, but they work your knee muscles as well.

Finally single leg heel raises and single leg squats are a great knee exercise, but they can be very difficult, so make sure to start by holding onto something for balance.

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Sonopulse III Therapeutic Ultrasound Unit Review


Sponsored Content: This video contains paid product placement. Thank you to Shophysio for sponsoring this video and providing Doctor Jo with a free Sonopulse III to use.

Click here to purchase the Sonopulse III & use coupon code DOCTORJO12 to get 12% OFF your entire order!

Therapeutic ultrasound with a professional unit like the Sonopulse III can be a great option to use in conjunction with physical therapy for pain relief, reducing muscle spasms, increasing blood flow & increasing motion of contracted joints.

I like using therapeutic ultrasound best for injuries like tendonitis and bursitis.

The folks at Shophysio sent me their Sonopulse III ultrasound to try out. It’s a great simple option for professionals, so if it looks like something that you might benefit from, make sure to ask your healthcare professional if ultrasound might help you.

You might see therapeutic ultrasound being used in physical therapy, athletic training, or even for aesthetics.

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5 Best Gluteus Strengthening Exercises

These gluteus strengthening exercises are great for the gluteus muscles which are very important muscles in our bodies. The gluteus maximus and gluteus medius help us walk and keep our pelvis in alignment.

These gluteus strengthening exercises (or butt strengthening exercises) will help for both the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius.

Bridges are great for our whole body. They work the hips, knees, back, and much more. You can do bridges by themselves to activate the glut max or add a band to also activate the glut med.

Step downs and side squats with a band are more difficult, but do a great job of working both the gluteus max and med.

Finally, a sumo squat works them slightly differently, and is also a great strengthening exercise for both.

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