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Here are some advanced shoulder exercises you can do with the ActivMotion Bar. The exercises themselves are pretty basic, but adding the ActivMotion bar makes them advanced. Don’t have an ActivMotion Bar? You can also use a regular weight bar for these exercises, but it won’t give you quiet as good of a workout.

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These are advanced exercises and should only be used when you are finished with your rehab and preparing to return to your sport or higher level activities. The steel weights in the bar make it unstable, so your muscles have to work harder to keep your shoulder stable.

The first exercise is a half Turkish get up. This is pretty easy without a weight, but it can be very difficult with a weight. Start off on your back with your knees propped up. Hold the bar in one hand with your hand at the center of the bar. Now lift your upper body up into a sit up position while you are pushing the bar up in the air. Make sure you go slow. If you go fast, it is easy. Make sure you are controlling the bar and trying to keep the weights in the center of the bar.

The next exercise is in a standing position. Hold the bar in one hand in the middle of the bar. This is a shoulder abduction movement. Bring the bar out to the side to about a 90-degree angle. Again, try to keep the weights in the center of the bar and control the movement. Then move it to a scaption position. This is a 45-degree angle in front of you. Not out to the side and not in front of you, but right in between the two. Slowly raise the bar to about 90 degrees, and then control it back down.

Now you are going to do a shoulder windmill movement. Spread your legs out past shoulder width apart. Raise the bar up above you with the bar parallel to your body with one hand. Keep the weights in the middle, and slide down the opposite leg and slowly come back up trying to keep the weights in the center of the bar.

The last exercise is going to be a static hold straight out in front of you. Try to keep the bar straight and parallel to the floor with the weights in the center of the bar. Start off with 5-10 seconds and try to work your way up to 30 seconds.