Sponsored Content: This video represents the honest opinions of Doctor Jo. Thank you to Vital Salveo for sponsoring this video and providing Doctor Jo with a free Back Support C-Fit to use/review. If you purchase the product from these links/ads, Doctor Jo will receive a commission.

The Vital Salveo Back Support C-Fit is a great back support brace that uses bamboo charcoal and germanium to help restore energy and relieve back pain and fatigue in the back.

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The Vital Salveo Back Support C-Fit is made of a light, moisture wicking material and is very adjustable for a comfortable fit. I recommend wearing it under your clothes to get the full benefits of the bamboo charcoal and germanium in the support, but if you have sensitive skin, or just prefer to wear it over your clothes, that’s fine, too.

It has 4 plastic supports to help distribute the support it provides across your entire lower back.

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