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These general back pain stretches and exercises are a great way to help relieve general back pain after you’ve worked too hard. This back pain treatments are not for a specific diagnosis, only to help treat back muscle soreness or arthritis type pain.

The first stretch is a chair stretch. It’s a great alternative if you don’t want or can’t get down on the ground. Make sure to curl your back to get a good stretch.

The next one is a thoracic rotation stretch. This will help stretch the upper, middle, and low back.

Then you can use a pain relieving gel like, Dr. Pat’s Ultra Freeze. It has a great cooling effect that comes on slowly so it’s not overpowering. Pain relieving gels work really well to take off the edge of the pain.

The fourth treatment is a prayer stretch or child’s pose. It can be very relaxing for the whole body.

Finally is the cat/dog or cat/cow stretch. It is also a great whole body stretch and can relieve stress in general.

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