Purchase Neck Stretches WorksheetNeck pain relief stretches are great for the many muscles in our neck because when any of them are tight, they can cause neck pain, tension headaches, and decreased motion. Neck injuries that can also benefit from neck stretches include cervical spondylosis, cervical stenosis, cervical strain, and many others.

These top 10 stretches are the ones I have found work best for me as well as my patients.

The first set of stretches are active range of motion (AROM) movements. These are to help loosen up the muscles and get them warm before you stretch them out. These are cervical rotation, cervical sidebend, cervical extension, and cervical flexion.

The neck stretch is both a stretch and exercise. It’s one of my favorites because it really helps “reset” the neck muscles, especially when you spend long periods of time looking at a computer screen. This one is great to correct bad posture.

A chest stretch and anterior scalene stretch focuses on the muscles in front of your neck and chest area. They help open up the area and takes pressure off the neck.

The upper trapezius and levator scapulae stretches focus on the muscles in the back of the neck. They often have trigger points, and can cause a lot of neck pain and headaches.

The final stretch is a cervical rotation stretch with a towel. This helps to stretch each segment of your cervical spine at a time. They are also called SNAGs, and do a great job of loosening up the facet joints.

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