It is very easy to pull a muscle or “tweek” your back when you are golfing. This video shows you some simple golf stretches to warm up before you take that first swing. First you can use your golf club to do a side to side, or side bending stretch. You can hold the stretch or slowly go back and forth. Next you will twist your body from side to side, or trunk rotation. Next, stretch out your wrist flexors and extensors to help prevent golfer’s elbow, or medial epicondylitis. Bring your arm straight out, and pull the wrist up, and then come down into a fist, and push down.

You can check out a more detailed stretch in the elbow pain video. The last stretch is to stretch your lower back or trunk. Lie down on the ground, and bring your leg up and across your body. You can use overpressure for a more intense stretch if needed.