Chest pain & shoulder pain can happen when people overwork their chest, and don’t work enough on their upper back. This can lead to a lot of problems including shoulder tightness, shoulder pain, and sometimes even numbness/tingling down the arms. My friend Jack from The Healthy Gamer on YouTube, stopped by to get some shoulder pain and chest pain relief tips.

Chest stretches are not only a great way to help stretch your pec muscles, but they also helps improve posture and shoulder tightness as well. Using a foam roller is a great way to stretch the chest area.

A prayer stretch or child’s pose is a great way to stretch your shoulders and upper back. It also helps stretch your lats if you stretch at a slight angle.

You can also stretch your chest and pec muscles seated in a chair. This really helps open up the area, and you don’t have to get down on the floor to stretch.

Your latissimus dorsi muscles are also important to stretch with tight shoulders because they are connected to the scapula or shoulder blade. Getting in a lunge position and stretching up and across your body is a great way to stretch the lats and your shoulder.

Using a swiss or therapy ball, is another great way to stretch out your chest and pec muscles. Lying over the ball on your back with your arms out feels so good!

The last set of exercises that can help with chest and shoulder pain are I’s, T’s, Y’s, and W’s. They are great for strengthening the upper back and help with correcting that forward posture. If you use a swiss/therapy ball, it makes you engage your core muscles as well for an even better workout.

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