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Chronic pain can be caused by many things, and sometimes it’s hard to get any relief. Here are some great ways to help reduce the pain.
The first treatment is gentle stretching. I like doing whole body stretches, but you can stretch specific areas as well. When you stretch the whole body, it’s best to do some deep breathing as well.
The next treatment is doing diaphragmatic breathing, or deep breathing. Some people call it belly breathing, and it’s a great way to relax your body, and get rid of general stress in your body.
Another great treatment for chronic pain is using heat. The folks at Silk’n Therapy sent me their Silk’n Relief. It uses three different types of energy to get deep penetrating pain relief to those chronic pain areas or even acute injuries as well. It uses IR heat energy, LLLT energy and bi-polar RF energy. The device is also FDA approved and has a 100% money-back guarantee.
The next treatment is isometric exercises. Isometric exercises are great because they are activating muscles, but there is no movement of the muscle that might cause pain. The can be a great way to relax muscles.
Finally, one of my favorite ways to help relieve chronic pain is aquatic therapy. There are so many great benefits to aquatic therapy including the warmth of the water, the ease of movement in the water, and the low impact on your joints.
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