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Hi, I'm Doctor Jo, a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy. I hope you enjoy my video demos of stretches & exercises for common injuries and syndromes. Be safe. Have fun. And I hope you feel better soon.

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Hey everyone, my name is Doctor Jo! I am a licensed Physical Therapist, and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Seriously, here is a picture of me in da hood…I mean me in my doctorate hood.

I graduated from PT school at the University of South Carolina in 2007. I started my PT career at a rehabilitation hospital in South Carolina. This was a great place to learn about EVERYTHING. You name it, we saw it! However, working weekends and holidays was not my favorite thing to do. I'm now a Director of Aquatic Therapy for one of the country's leading physical therapy providers.

Before PT school, however, I began a very different career. I graduated from Francis Marion University with a Mass Communication degree. At FMU I played soccer, and we went to the NCAA tournament twice while I was there. I’m not bragging or anything…well maybe a little. I had many injuries through out my soccer career, and I had PT several different times. Some of it was really good, and some of it was really bad. So I always had the thought of becoming a PT in the back of my mind. After several years of working at a desk and in an office with no windows, I decided it was time to give this PT thing another look. So I headed off to USC and never looked back!

The reason I started this website is to continue to help people as much as I can. More and more often, health care professionals, especially in the therapy field, are getting road blocked by insurance caps, limited visits, and very high co-pays for patients. Sometimes there is just not enough time to give all the instruction a patient truly needs. This website is not designed to make people stop going to their doctor or therapist. It’s just to help you along the way. Nothing beats a professional PT instructing you in person where they can make sure you are doing things correctly.

My girls: Molly, Kali and BaileyJust so you know, I am not an actress by any means, and I do a much better job with improv and making a fool of myself. My brother, who is the behind the scenes guy, has much more experience than I do, and he has even appeared in some pretty famous movies! He has been very patient with me, and he has even given me some pointers to try to look a little more professional.

Finally, here are my little girls, Molly and Kali (right), with their cousin Bailey in the back. They are all pound puppies. They love to make cameos in my videos and are always ready for their close-ups!

So there you have it, and here I am, Doctor Jo at your service. Be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

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