Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain, or Joint Pain?

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Q: How can I tell the difference between nerve pain, muscle pain, or joint pain?

A: It is very important to know what kind of pain you are having. A frustrating answer I hear when asking someone to describe their pain is,  “It just hurts.” Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, there are many different kinds of pain. If you are able to be specific about your pain, it can greatly help your clinician better diagnose you and eventually help you to feel better.
So back to the question. There are many types of pain. The most common are nerve pain, joint pain, vascular pain, and muscle pain. Nerve pain is commonly described as sharp, bright, burning, or shooting. Joint pain can be dull, achy, and very localized. Vascular pain is usually diffused, achy, and poorly localized.  The most common type of pain is muscle pain.  It is usually very hard to localize, dull and achy. It usually is aggravated by an injury, and sometimes even refers to another area.  
So please pay close attention to the kind of pain you are having so you can easily describe it to your health care provider.
Have Nerve Pain? This video may be able to help.


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