Now that you have done the exercises in the shallow end, you can move to the deep end. Some of you might have to stay in the deep end if you have a non-weight bearing precaution. Using an oversized noodle is one of the best ways to keep you in a vertical position. You can buy these for $4-5 at the Dollar General store when they are in season. Also, get some ankle weights to keep you vertical. Mine are 3 pounds total, but you can go up to 10 pounds total if you really need that extra traction in the deep end.

Try not to lean back or forward with these deep water pool exercises. To get proper traction on your back and correct form with the exercises, you need to be in a vertical position. Start of with the bike. Try to bring your knees up and kick forward making big circle motions with your legs, just like you are riding a bike. Then kick your legs out and in like a jumping jack, or hip abduction/adduction. Try to keep your feet forward so you are working the outer portion of your legs, and try to keep your knees straight and locked out.

Next, is a scissor/Cross Country skiing movement.  Again, keep your knees straight and locked out to give you extra resistance kicking your legs front to back, or hip flexion/extension. Finally, the best part is traction or hanging. Try to relax your whole body; no movement is necessary with this exercise. Try to keep your feet below you in a vertical position, and just hang!

Always use CAUTION with Exercising in a Pool:

If you can’t swim, don’t do these exercises unless there is a certified lifeguard on duty. Working out in a pool can be very deceiving. Many times you will feel great while in the pool because gravity is taken away. It feels easy and you want to do a lot, but always start at a baseline. If you have not performed aquatic exercises before, you have to let your body adapt to it no matter what your fitness level. Pool workouts should only start at about 40 minutes, and you shouldn’t be in the pool longer than an hour especially if it is a heated pool. Don’t let the water fool you!