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A muscle roller stick like the one from Doeplex can be a great way to help relieve muscle knots and sore muscles almost anywhere on your body. 

The Doeplex muscle roller stick is very sturdy, and its independently spinning rollers are great for getting deep down into the muscles to provide targeted pain relief.

Roller sticks are very useful when rolling out muscles because you can use them almost anywhere, and you can control the pressure on the muscles. They can be used on larger muscle groups like the quads, calves, and lower back. You can also use them on smaller muscle groups like the anterior tibilias, wrist extensor and flexor muscles, as well as neck muscles.

Muscle roller sticks are also great for trigger points. Trigger points are basically knots in the muscles that are very tender to press on. They can also have referred pain to other areas of the body. Using a roller stick to relieve trigger points and sore muscles can be a great way to get pain relief.

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