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These Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatments are great for helping to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome pain, and they are easy to do just about anywhere. 

Make sure you are properly diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome by your doctor or physical therapist first because nerve pain in your hand (that mimics the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome) can be coming from your wrist, elbow, shoulder, or even your neck.

The first treatment is to do scar tissue mobilizations (STM) to the carpal tunnel area. Often scar tissue or adhesions form in that area causing pressure on the median nerve.

Next are wrist flexor and extensor stretches. The tendons go through the carpal tunnel area, so it’s important to keep them flexible.

Another great treatment is using a topical roll on like Workvie’s Vegan Lidocaine Roll On. It’s a great way to help calm down the pain through out the day, and while you are doing your stretches and exercises.

Then there is the prayer stretch and ulnar deviation stretch. These are other great ways to stretch the carpal tunnel area.

Finally is a modified median nerve glide. If there is scarring or adhesions around the nerve, this will help get it moving freely again.

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