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Freory’s massage ball sets provide you with a nice variety of massage balls for various applications. From hard and spiky to medium-density, these are great for rolling out trigger points, myofascial release, and other aches and pains.

Click here to purchase the Freory Massage Ball Set (black peanut)

Click here to purchase the Freory Massage Ball Mobility Set (red, spiky peanut)

Each Freory massage ball set includes a lacrosse ball and a hard, red spiky ball. The “mobility” set also includes a red medium-density spiky peanut ball. The other set includes a lacrosse-style peanut ball.

Both sets are great for helping to roll out pain in all areas of your body from plantar fasciitis and back pain to calf pain and neck pain, these balls will give you a lot of options.

Learn more about Freory and their products.

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