When people have stress and anxiety, simple stretches can often help provide relief because gentle stretching can help the body relax. These stretches are done in the seated position and are performed in real time so it’s easy to follow along.

Start this relaxing stretching routine with a gentle warm up. Knee extensions or long arc quads (LAQ), hip flexion, and upper arm jumping jacks and horizontal Ts will help get your muscles warm and ready to stretch.

To start off with the neck area where we hold a lot of our stress, upper trapezius and levator scapulae stretches are great to help relax those muscles.

Scapular squeezes, seated trunk rotation, and quadratus lumborum (QL) stretches will help work the upper, middle, and low back.

Moving down to the hips and legs, a seated knee to chest, seated hamstring stretch, and an active calf stretch will help relax the lower body.

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