Buy Climbing Stiars WorksheetSteps can be a scary place when your balance is not good. It can be even scarier when you have a leg injury. When going up and down the steps with a leg injury, you want to use your strong side to do most of the work. In the rehab setting we have many sayings to help you remember what to do. “Up with the good, down with the bad” is my favorite. Another helpful one is “Good goes to heaven (up), bad goes to hell (down).”

When going up the steps, you want to step up with your uninjured side so you can power yourself up. This is using a “step to” approach where each foot touches each step. When you are going down, you want to lead with your injured side. This is because when going down, the leg staying on the step is doing all the work. It is the one lowering you down.

It is as simple as that! Take your time and be safe!