Buy Hip WorksheetWhen your hip is hurting or injured, it can cause many other problems. Especially, it can change your gait pattern. This video will show you how to strengthen your hip to relieve hip pain with the 4-way hip exercise with and without a resistive band. 

First using the resistive band, put one end in the door and close it tight. Wrap the band around either leg. You will do the exercises on both legs. The leg that has the band on it is working dynamically or with movement. The other leg is working statically to keep you stable. You will keep your leg straight and try not to bend your knee. First, pull your leg across your body into hip adduction. Then, turn away from the door and kick forward into hip flexion. Next, turn with your leg away from the door and kick out to the side into hip abduction. Lastly, turn towards the door and kick behind you into hip extension. If you don’t want to use the band, you can do them without and try not holding on to make it more difficult and challenge your balance.