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It may seem simple, but many people don’t know how to use a cane properly. Today I’ll show you not only how to use a cane, but some of the reasons you may need to use one.

Canes come in many different shapes and sizes. A standard cane should really be used to help with balance and to help you stand more upright when you walk, and should not be used if you are putting more than about 20% of your body weight on it. If this is the case, you should look into getting a walker or crutches.

Once you pick out the cane that is right for you, make sure it is properly fit. The most important part to start with is to make sure your cane is the right height. Most canes have a pin you can push in to change the height. On your upper leg there is a bone that sticks out called your greater trochanter. It is just below your hip. This is where you want the top of the cane. You should have a slight bend in your elbow about 20 degrees. If the cane is too high, you might irritate your shoulder, and if it is too low, you might lean over too much.

Now for the walking part. The cane should be in the opposite hand of the injured side. The cane should always move with the injured side. If the injured side goes forward, the cane goes forward for support. Again, this is how our bodies naturally move; so don’t think about it too much. Just move how you would normally move. The cane should be for balance and safety, and if you feel like you are pushing really hard on it, or if you can’t walk smoothly, then you probably are not ready for a cane yet.

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