People often think bad posture comes from the neck and shoulder area, but it can also come from the upper back or even the hips. Tightness and weakness can contribute to it. Here’s a whole body approach that may help improve posture.

The first posture-improving move is a chin tuck series. Regular chin tucks help reset the neck muscles, and when strengthening the deep flexor muscles is added, it really helps with posture improvements.

Next, lying down on the stomach in prone is a great way to work the upper back muscles.

Then, standing up, a chest or pec stretch helps open up the chest area to prevent forward shoulder rolling.

Strengthening the upper back muscles with a resistive band can also be a great way to help keep the body in an upright position. Standing rows and face pulls with a shoulder external rotation are excellent ways to help strengthen the upper back.

Finally, the hip area can cause posture problems as well. So strengthening the hip flexors and stretching the hamstrings can help get the pelvis and hips back into a neutral position to help keep the body upright.

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