Buy Balance WorksheetWeak ankles can cause poor balance among other things. This video will show you some great balance exercises to get your ankles and fine motor muscles stronger. Start with progression by holding on with two hands. When that gets easy, go to one hand, then some fingers, and then eventually not hold on at all.

The first exercise is putting your feet as close together as you can. This is called the Rhomberg stance. If that is easy, try closing your eyes. If that is easy, move your head from side to side, and up and down. Then combine them together with head movements and eyes closed. The next balance exercise is called tandem stance. This is with one foot directly in front of the other like you are standing on a tight rope. Follow the same progression as above. Make sure to switch your feet. If all of these become easy, you can try standing on one foot and doing the same progression. For higher level exercises, you can try it with an uneven surface. Try standing on a pillow or a foam cushion and go through all the exercises above.