Buy Seated Knee Pain Relief worksheetThese simple knee exercises are all done in the seated position and may help relieve knee pain and knee tightness. They are also performed in real time so it’s easy to follow along.

Therapeutic knee exercises don’t have to require spending a lot of time doing them. Doing the knee exercises correctly and with control is just as important. The exercises should help strengthen the knees.

Starting with a warm up helps loosen up the muscles surrounding the knee. Seated hip flexion, LAQ (long arc quads), and seated heel/toe raises will get the main muscle groups that cross the knee joint.

Seated hip flexion with a band, seated knee extensions (LAQ) with a band, and seated hip abduction with a band are great ways to focus on the muscles around the knees.

Seated ball squeezes and seated hamstring sets are isometric exercises, but they can be very affective in strengthening the muscles.

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