Kyphosis, or Dowager’s Hump / hunchback, is very common for people who bend over a lot for work. My friend JK from the YouTube channel Koalipops has the chef’s form of this called Chef’s hunch, which he’s gotten from decorating and making the amazing cakes on his channel. So he dropped by for some stretches and exercises to help with his back tightness.

A great stretch/exercise to start with is a scapular squeeze or shoulder squeeze. This not only helps open up the chest area for a stretch, but it also helps strengthen the upper back muscles to help keep good posture.

Another great way to help correct posture is a chin tuck. A chin tuck is not only a great stretch for your neck muscles, but it also helps reset the muscles to correct your posture.

Some active range of motion movements will also help open up the chest area and strengthen the upper back muscles. It also just feels really good!

Using a foam roll can be very helpful to stretch the pec muscles and the upper back or thoracic area. You can lie on it vertically or horizontally.

Another way to stretch the pec muscles without a foam roll is a trunk rotation with your leg across your body. Try to keep your shoulders down, and you should feel the stretch.

Prone props on your stomach will also stretch out your lower back which might also be sore when you are standing for long periods of time.

The hip flexors are also important to stretch out because when you been over for a long period of time, they can become tight and put extra tension on your back.

Finally, strengthen your core in general will help relieve back pain. A great way to strengthen the core is the bird dog in quadruped.

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