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Neck pain is often caused by weak neck muscles. Here are some of my favorite neck strengthening exercises to help relieve neck pain.

People often ask about warming up muscles before exercising or stretching. This is a good idea to get the muscles loose and warm before your workout. When you can’t do a cardio movement to warm up the muscles, you can use a heat wrap for 10-15 minutes before you start. You can also use a cold wrap or ice afterwards to calm the inflammation back down. BioMed DB Design, LLC makes a great neck heating wrap that can do both.

Once you are warmed up, chin tucks are a great neck exercise and stretch. They not only work the muscles around your neck, but they also “reset” them when you have bad posture.

The next three neck exercises are using a resistive band. Neck or cervical sidebends, cervical rotations, and chin tucks with a band are a great way to strengthen your neck muscles.

Finally, doing a chin tuck with neck or cervical flexion will help work those deep flexor muscles.

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