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Neck pain can be caused by many different things, but if you’re looking for general neck pain relief, here are 5 of my favorite treatments.

The first way to help relieve neck pain is a simple chin tuck. You don’t want to tuck it down to your chest, but take your chin, and pull it backwards. You can put your finger on your chin, as a target or starting point, and then tuck it in.

The next exercises are isometric exercises that will help strengthen the muscles. Basically this is when you activate the muscle, but you are not moving it. You can do this by gently pressing into your hand in each direction.

Another great way to help relieve neck pain is by using a massager or vibration as well as heat to help relax and reset the neck muscles. The folks at Zyllion sent me their ZMA-13 Shiatsu Massager to use. This massager is not only easily portable, but it also offers a heat feature that also helps to ease tight muscles in your neck. It’s great to use on any part of your body for a deep down tissue massage.

Now for an upper trapezius stretch, place your hand under your thigh to keep your shoulder down, then side bend your head to the opposite side and gently put pressure with your other hand to get a stretch through your trapezius muscles.

Finally is a shoulder or scapular squeeze. This does a great job of strengthening the trap muscles as well as the rhomboid muscles, and they help open up the chest. This will all help relieve neck pain.

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