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You can often get neck pain relief by stretching out the muscles around the neck that hold a lot of tension. These treatments may help relieve general neck pain & other pains in the neck like tension headaches. 

The first two stretches to help with neck pain relief are an upper trap stretch and a levator scapulae stretch. They are both great ways to help get rid of your neck pain.

Another great way to help reduce neck pain is using heat and cold therapy on the neck and shoulders. The folks at BioMed DB Design, LLC sent me their Sunny Bay Hands-free neck wrap which can be used for both heat and cold.

Finally, some gentle exercises will help strengthen and reset the muscles in the neck area. Chin tucks to a great job of both strengthening and stretching the neck area. Isometric cervical side bend exercises are a good way to strengthen the muscles without having to do the movements that might hurt.

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