Desensitizing of nerve pain can help when you have an injury or surgery that involves the nerves. It’s very important to desensitize the area to help calm down the nerves and decrease some of the sensitivity to the area.

When the nerves get flared up, it can be very painful and tender. Desensitizing the area will help the nerves find their way back to where they are suppose to be.

All you need is things with different textures such as a coarse towel, a cotton ball, a plastic fork, or even a silk towel. Start off by lightly rubbing one of the things over the area that is sensitive. This can be painful and feel very weird even when you are not pushing very hard. Start off with 30 seconds and try to work your way up to one minute of each item. Try to do about 3-5 minutes a day to desensitize the area.