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Electrical stimulation (ES) with a professional neuromuscular stimulator like the Neurodyn II can be a great way to help decrease pain, re-educate muscles, prevent atrophy after a surgery, increase blood flow/circulation & increase range of motion.

The folks at Shophysio sent me their Neurodyn II by Ibramed. This unit is a great professional unit because it comes with Russian current, functional electrical stimulation (FES), and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). It has 4 independent color coded channels so you can use it on more than one patient at a time.

FES is a form of ES that helps with functional activity. The current should just be high enough to make the movement so it will help with the function of the muscle.

TENS is for pain relief for acute and chronic pain. It has conventional (normal) and burst modulation.

Russian current is used for muscle retraining and helping prevent muscle atrophy after an injury or surgery. You want to get a maximum contraction with this current.

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