Pelvic stabilization exercises are a great way to strengthening the hip, pelvis, and your general core area. These may also help for things like SI joint dysfunction.

If you’ve already mastered my beginner pelvic stabilization exercises, these are a great next step. Some of exercises are similar, but adding another component to make it a little harder.

The first exercise is a single leg bridge. These are great for your gluteus maximus and hamstrings.

Next is a clamshell with your feet lifted off the ground. These are great for your gluteus medius muscles as well as your hip rotators.

Then there is a side plank with a leg lift and the side fire hydrant. These are great for your core muscles, glutes, and your hip abductors.

Standing side steps with a band can be great for your glutes and your balance muscles.

The final two on a step are hip hikes and hip circles. This is an overall great workout for all your glutes, especially the glut med, and your balancer muscles as well.

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