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A stiff neck can be painful and hard to move. These physical therapy stretches & exercises for neck stiffness should help relieve the pain and tightness.

The first movement to help with a stiff neck is a chin tuck. These are a great way to reset your neck muscles, and get your head back into a good posture.

The next few movements you will use a towel to help you stretch. SNAGS (Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides) help mobilize the neck, and work great when you have neck stiffness. You can also use the towel for chin tucks with extension movements, and chin tucks with head turns side to side, or cervical rotation.

The last two stretches are for your levator scapulae and your upper trapezius. Both of these muscles hold a lot of stress, and can make the neck very stiff when they are tight.

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