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Plantar fasciitis is basically an inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the foot. It can lead to a lot of foot pain, and it even make it hard to walk. These five treatments for plantar fasciitis should help relieve the pain.

The first treatment is a plantar fascia soft tissue mobilization (STM). This will help work out the scar tissue and adhesions on the fascia. Often you can feel little bumps or knots along the fascia, and you want to mobilize that area to help reduce the pain and irritation.

The second treatment is a plantar fascia stretch. My favorite way to stretch the fascia is on a step. Make sure you have something to hold onto for balance.

The third treatment is having a good pair of insoles. The folks at FitMyFoot (formerly Wiivv) sent me some custom insoles. You can make your own custom fit insoles for plantar fasciitis online, and they are a great way to help keep your foot in a neutral position to take pressure off the fascia and hold your arch in place.

The fourth treatment is arch strengthening. Often people will get plantar fasciitis from fallen arches. Strengthening the arches is a great way to keep the whole foot strong.

The final treatment is a foot rollout with a frozen water bottle. This is not only a great way to stretch it out first thing in the morning, but it is also great for after all your other treatments to calm it back down.

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