8 Core Exercise Progressions for Low Back Pain Worksheet


Take the exercises in my Relieve Low Back Pain with 4 Simple Core Exercise Progressions video with you anywhere … even places where you don’t have access to a computer!

The printable worksheet includes:

  1. Color photos of each exercise.
  2. Clear descriptions describing how to perform each exercise.
  3. General sets, reps, hold times, etc. for each exercise.
  4. Links to a video of each exercise being performed.
  5. QR codes for each exercise so you can quickly view videos of the exercises directly on your smart phone or tablet.
  6. The PDF is instantly downloadable and printable.

NOTE: After placing your order, a link to download the Worksheet will be presented immediately. We’ll also send the download link to the email address you provide on the Checkout page, so make sure your email address is correct. If you can’t download your worksheet, please contact us. We’re happy to help.