Sitting or standing all day in the office (or at home) can really take a toll on your body. It’s time to get your move back! These 6 easy stretches go from your head to your toes, and are done in real time, so all you have to do is follow along. 

Calf stretches/Runner’s stretch – The Runner’s stretch is a great way to stretch the calf muscles especially when you sit for long periods. The calf muscles cross above the knee, and can cause knee pain when they are tight. Also, stretching and working the calves help prevent blood clots.

Pec stretches – Pec or chest stretches are a great way to help open up your chest area. It not only helps with your posture, but it also helps with breathing. Tight chest muscles can cause pain in the neck and shoulders.

Seated Hamstring stretch – Stretching the hamstrings can help relieve low back pain, especially when you are sitting for long periods. When they are tight, they can cause back pain, hip pain, and even knee pain.

Seated piriformis stretch – When you sit for long periods, it can cause piriformis pain. When the piriformis is tight, it can cause nerve pain down the leg since the sciatic nerve runs underneath it. Stretching this muscle can help prevent leg and hip pain.

Upper trap stretch – Stretching the upper traps can relieve neck and shoulder pain. When we sit for long periods, we can overwork this muscle, and it can become fatigued and tight.

Wrist flexor/extensor stretch – When you work on a computer or with your hands for long periods, it can cause tightness and pain in the wrists and forearms. These stretches are a great way to relieve pain in the wrists, hands, and elbows.

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