Do you have a weak core? Is your back still hurting when you are exercising? Here are some reverse core trunk stability exercises to help prevent and relieve lower back pain. I’ll also show how to do some traction at home to take some pressure off your back with simple positions.

Many times with low back pain our trunk area becomes unstable. The core muscles become weak and this can cause increased pain. Working the core can irritate the back sometimes, so this video is going to show you some reverse core or trunk stability exercises, and then finish with traction to the back. When you do reverse core exercises, your back stays flat and supported by the ground and you are moving your legs to give the lower portion of your abdominals a workout. 

First, you are going to lie down on your back. Bring your leg straight out and then bend your knee up towards your chest. You can do them all on one side or alternate back and forth. If that is too easy, bring both legs up off the floor and do the same exercise without putting them down in between. Then, you can add in arm movements, which is called the dead bug. Use your opposite arm when you kick out your leg. You can also do a bicycle movement with your legs in the air. Finally, you can put both legs at a 45-degree angle and keep them straight while performing a scissor like movement. 

For the traction, you want to find a countertop or area with a corner like in a kitchen. If you have shoulder problems, you probably don’t want to perform this because it puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders. The best place to do traction is on a traction machine in a PT clinic or in a pool, but this will help relieve some of the pressure in your low back. Slide down into the corner pushing your arms out to each side. You can hang your legs all the way out in front of you. If that is painful on your shoulders, you can pull your feet in and bend your knees like a squatting position. If that hurts your shoulders, you can lock out your elbows, and hang in the corner with your feet barely touching the ground as seen in the video.