In addition to a herniated disc, sciatic pain can be caused by a few different things. These are my 5 favorite stretches for sciatica from a herniated disc.

The first stretch is going to be on your stomach or in prone. Prone props are a great way to help “push” the disc back into place. Sometimes you get increased symptoms, but they should subside once you stop.

Next is a figure four stretch lying down. It is a great stretch for the piriformis muscle, and it also help if you are having pain from a herniated disc. You can modify it if needed.

The last three stretches, are really nerve glides or neural flossing. If you have sciatic pain from a herniated disc compressing on the nerve, glides can help loosen or free the nerve. It also helps if there is some scarring on the nerve. Be careful with these because nerves are very fragile, so less is more.

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