Scoliosis Exercises (Postural)

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Scoliosis is basically an abnormal curve of the spine. It can come from several things. You can be born with it, it can come from an injury, or it can even come from bad posture. Letitia from the YouTube channel lookunderhere stopped by to get some stretches and exercises for her postural scoliosis.

Letitia has back pain, shoulder pain, and some neck tightness and pain. These stretches and exercises should help.

A great way to loosen up the lower back is a trunk rotation stretch. It can also help with back spasms in the low back.

The next stretch is a side stretch using a foam roll or towel. This helps if you have one side of your back that’s tighter than the other, which is very common in scoliosis. This back stretch does a great job of focusing on a specific side.

A prayer stretch or child’s pose is a great way to stretch your shoulders and upper back. It also helps stretch your lats if you stretch at a slight angle. These are often tight with postural scoliosis issues.

Chin tucks are one of my favorite ways to help correct bad posture. They are very easy, and very effective in correcting forward neck posture, and pain when sitting or standing for long periods while concentrating on things.

The next stretch is for the upper back or the thoracic area. When rotating the upper body, it really loosens up those upper back muscles that get very tight from leaning forward while working on projects.

The upper trapezius stretch is a great stretch for people who hold a lot of tension in their neck area. If you have neck pain, shoulder pain, or upper back pain, this is a great stretch.

Shoulder squeezes or scapular squeezes are a very effective strengthening exercise that helps strengthen your upper back muscles, and stretch your chest area at the same time.

While standing up, you can do an easy chest stretch where you don’t need any equipment. This is very easy to do if you are working for long periods, and need to reset your posture muscles.

The last stretch is a whole body stretch. I call it the ballerina stretch because that’s what it looks like! This stretches almost every part of the body. It stretches your shoulders, lats, hips, IT band, and everything in between. If you have enough balance for it, it is definitely worth doing.

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