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With Shin Splints, pain can be felt on the front (anterior shin splints) or on the inside/medial ankle (posterior shin splints). Using a massage gun on the painful area, as well as stretches & exercises, can help with pain relief.

Shin Splints is the common term for Medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS).

One great way to loosen up the area is to use a massage gun. Today I am using the Mebak 3. A massage gun can be used for a superficial (surface) massage following along the length of the muscle, which helps increase circulation to the area, and/or you can use a cross friction massage (also called deep friction massage), which can help reduce and prevent scars or adhesions.

Buy shin splints worksheet.Stretches such as a seated anterior tibialis and seated posterior tibialis stretches are great ways to relieve pressure in the area.

Finally, some hip strengthening can also help. Sidelying hip abduction and prone hip extension exercises can help retrain the muscles.

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