Buy Shoulder Isometric WorksheetSometimes you are not ready to perform strengthening exercises with full movements because you don’t have enough strength yet, or because it hurts too much. This video will show you isometric shoulder exercises that will help strengthen your muscles before you are ready for big movement exercises.

You can use your other hand to push into, or you can do these exercises against a wall. For the first two exercises, put a rolled up towel between your elbow and your side. This will help you keep your elbow by your side. Bend your elbow with your fist out in front of you. Push your fist into your other hand gently towards your stomach and hold for 3 seconds. Then put your other hand on the outside of your fist, and push out gently for 3 seconds. Next, put your other hand in front of your fist and push forward for 3 seconds. Finally, put your other hand behind your elbow, and push backwards for 3 seconds. Do these 10 times each.