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A sore back can be caused by many things including lifting heavy objects, poor posture, or even a hard workout. When the back muscles get irritated or sore,  here are some things that may help.

To help get relief from a sore back, start off with pelvic tilts and bridges lying down are a great way to get the muscles moving and loosened up without a whole lot of movement that might be painful.

Another great way to help relieve muscle soreness in your back and other areas is using a pain relieving gel. The folks at Capsiva have a pain relieving gel that has capsaicin in it. Capsaicin is a natural chili pepper extract with pain relieving properties. Their formula has taken out the heating up component, so it can be a stronger concentration to help block the pain signal to the brain so you can do the stretches and exercises you need to do to help you heal.

Buy Sore Back WorksheetFinally, a knee to chest stretch and supine trunk rotation will help stretch out the muscles in the back to help relax your back.

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