Buy Spinal Stenosis WorksheetSpinal Stenosis is caused by the narrowing of the spaces in the spine which puts pressure on the nerves and causes pain. These are my top three stretches to help relieve the pain caused by spinal stenosis.

With spinal stenosis, when you bend backwards, it puts pressure on the nerves and causes pain. So the stretches you will be doing to relieve the pain with be bending the spine forward to open up the spaces where the nerves come out of the spine.

For the first exercise, lie down on your back with your knees propped up. You are going to do a simple knee to chest. Bring one knee towards your chest by grabbing underneath your knee and pulling up to you. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. You shouldn’t feel any pain, just a stretch through your lower back. You will stretch each leg three times. You can alternate back and forth or do them all on one side before switching.

The next stretch is a double knee to chest. Now you will bring both knees up towards you. Some people will grab up around the top of their knees, which is fine, but if you have knee issues, you might want to grab underneath your knees so you don’t put extra pressure on them. Again, you will hold these for 30 seconds and do them three times.

The last stretch is a child’s pose. Turn over onto your knees and sit back onto your feet. Put your arms out in front of you on the ground and stretch them forward reaching in front of you. Hold for 30 seconds and do them three times. If it is comfortable, you can hold them longer than 30 seconds.