Buy the Triceps Tendonitis WorksheetTriceps tendonitis (sometimes called tricep tendonitis) is when the triceps tendon gets inflamed. It can cause tricep pain even at rest. It can cause elbow pain, tightness at the elbow, and triceps tenderness when touched. This can be an overuse injury or from a trauma to the area. Here are some triceps tendonitis treatments.

Stretching is a great way to help heal triceps tendonitis. Bringing your hands above your head with them clasped upwards is a great triceps tendon stretch. Another great way to relieve triceps pain is to use a towel or belt behind you to pull back the arm. If you don’t have a towel or belt handy, you can also stretch it by using your other hand to push your elbow back behind you.

When you are trying to cure triceps tendonitis, it is equally as important to strengthen the triceps as well. You can use resistive bands or even small weights for triceps strengthening, but remember not to use a lot of weight. Triceps extensions and triceps kick backs should help relieve triceps tendonitis if done correctly.

Once it’s feeling better with little pain, you can start more advanced strengthening exercises, but remember these should not hurt. Modified push ups on your knees really help strengthen the elbow in general.

Finally dips are an easy way to strengthen the triceps and help with general shoulder strengthening. You can start off by modifying them. The higher up you start, the harder they are to do.