Aquatic Therapy

Doctor Jo demonstrates a wide variety of water exercises and stretches in a pool. Aquatic therapy can be great for all types of pain and surgery rehab. The water takes a lot of weight off of the body so these water exercises will often be easier than doing the same moves on land.
Core Exercises in a Pool
Aquatic therapy can be a great workout for your core. Many times with back pain, you just can’t handle exercises on land. The water helps take gravity out of the picture so you can focus on your exercises.
Advanced Pool Exercises
Using speed and special equipment during aquatic therapy can give more resistance through the water.
Walking Exercises in a Pool
One of the best ways to get your walking or gait pattern back after an injury is aquatic gait exercises. Walking in the water not only takes away some of gravity, but it also allows you to concentrate on getting your correct pattern back.
Deep Water Exercises
After getting comfortable with aquatic exercises in the shallow end, here are some exercises to try in the deep end.
Deep Water Cardio
Here are some deep water cardio exercises for aquatic therapy.
Walking Exercises in a Pool
These more advanced pool walking exercises are basically putting the standing exercises into a dynamic walking movement.
Standing Exercises in a Pool
Sometimes you just can’t do exercises on land because they are either too painful, or you just might not be strong enough to do them on land. Aquatic therapy with water exercise helps you get the exercise you need in a low impact environment.