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Cervical traction and thoracic traction can provide many benefits, but they can be hard to do at home. The KANUDA Spine Nap is a unique tool that can help provide both cervical and thoracic traction at home. There are some precautions and contraindications to traction, so make sure you check with your doctor or physical therapist before trying it.

Cervical Traction is a popular treatment for general neck pain and specific diagnoses like: a pinched nerve known as radiculopathy, disc issues, arthritis, stenosis, and a few others. Basically, traction gently stretches your neck to help relieve pain in the disc and joints in your cervical spine (neck). Thoracic traction is not seen as often, but it can be very beneficial for the same issues in the mid to upper back area. It can also be used to help relieve pressure points in the rhomboid muscles which are sometimes hard to get to yourself.

In this video, I’m using the Kanuda Spine Nap, which helps stretch and relieve pressure in the thoracic and cervical spine through gravity. It’s designed by physical therapists, and helps simulate manual traction that targets pressure points to help relieve tension and knots as well. It’s also very portable, so it’s great for taking it with you when you need it.

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