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Lower back pain can often be relieved, and even prevented, by strengthening the core. So here are progression exercises to help strength the core in the front, side, and back.

When we talk about core exercises, people usually think about the abdominal muscles in the front, but our core muscles are not only in the front,, but also in the side and back.

Starting with a pelvic tilt is the foundation to progress to a dead bug exercise. These might look simple, but when done correctly, they can be very challenging.

Next bridging to a single leg bridge is a great progression to work your glutes and hamstrings. Then, a clamshell to clamshell with feet lifted progression will work the muscles on the side of your body.

Finally, a quadruped leg extension to a bird dog is a great way to work all the muscles because you have to stabilize your body with the movements.

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