Buy 9 Standing Exercises for Seniors WorksheetTension headaches can cause a lot of pain. Stress is a common cause of tension headaches. Relaxing the muscles around the neck and shoulder area can help decrease the tension headache pain.

Isometric exercises can be a great way to relieve tension headaches. Squeezing or contracting the muscles, and then relaxing without movement can help reduce pain and tightness. Isometric cervical sidebends and rotations are a great way to relax the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Next, chin tucks not only help loosen up the muscles in the neck area, but they also help reset the muscles that are often overstretched from bad posture.

Then some full stretches for the neck and shoulder area, like the upper trap stretch and levator scapulae stretch, will help lengthen the muscles to reduce the tightness causing tension.

Finally, shoulder or scapular squeezes not only help relieve tension, but they also help strengthen the muscles to improve posture that might be causing the pain.

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