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Neck pain can be helped with stretches, exercises, and other treatments. These neck exercises & stretches are easy to do, and should help provide neck pain relief. 

To help relieve neck pain and tightness, stretches should help loosen up the area. Neck rotation with thoracic rotation in the opposite direction, upper trap stretch, and levator scap stretch are all great ways to help relieve neck pain.

You can also use a TENS unit while you are stretching and exercising to help decrease the pain so you can do the treatment you need to get better. The folks at Auvon, Inc. sent me their 3-in-1 TENS, EMS, and massage unit to use.

Then you can do a neck rotation stretch with a towel. Some therapists will call these SNAGS.

Finally, strengthening the neck or cervical muscles will help keep it strong and stable. Chin tucks and chin tucks with flexion to get the deep flexor muscles will help.

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